Welcome to my Senior Portfolio!  Here you will find an essay from each of the English courses I have taken at St. Norbert College.  It’s been fun.  My college experience took place from September 2015 to December 2018, so it’s been short but I made the most of every class.  Graduating in three and a half years feels a little strange.  I could linger here more, but I believe I am ready for the world.  At least as much as I can be at 21-years-old.

As you may notice, my essays progress in quality, which is the idea.  I took many courses in my first year of college out of excitement, loading up with what I wanted right away.  Then I started to try to span them out more as I fulfilled the other class requirements–I needed some fun English course every semester!

I hope you enjoy the essays and short stories I’ve included.  It was difficult to choose.  Some classes I wanted to put everything in, but that would be a lot for the portfolio.  I will be putting together another portfolio site for more of my work, so stay tuned for that.  Otherwise, enjoy and feel free to wander to the other sites I’ve created about my work and myself!


Natasha Igl

Self-Evaluative Essay

ENGL 203: Science Fiction and Fantasy

ENGL 225: Survey of British Literature 1

ENGL 212: Modern British Novel

ENGL 236: US Survey of Literature 2

ENGL 305: Literary Theory and Writing

ENGL 307: Fiction Workshop

ENGL 425: Advanced Writing Seminar

ENGL 339: Shakespeare’s Drama

ENGL 289: Contemporary Fairy Tales

ENGL 489: Charles Dickens Seminar