Welcome to my Senior Portfolio!  Here you will find an essay from each of the English courses I have taken at St. Norbert College.  It’s been fun.  My college experience took place from September 2015 to December 2018, so it’s been short but I made the most of every class.  Graduating in three and a half years feels a little strange.  I could linger here more, but I believe I am ready for the world.  At least as much as I can be at 21-years-old.

As you may notice, my essays progress in quality, which is the idea.  I took many courses in my first year of college out of excitement, loading up with what I wanted right away.  Then I started to try to span them out more as I fulfilled the other class requirements–I needed some fun English course every semester!

I hope you enjoy the essays and short stories I’ve included.  It was difficult to choose.  Some classes I wanted to put everything in, but that would be a lot for the portfolio.  I will be putting together another portfolio site for more of my work on a separate site, so stay tuned for that.  Otherwise, enjoy and feel free to wander to the other sites I’ve created about my work and myself!

Sincerely, Natasha Igl

Self-Evaluative Essay

ENGL 203: Science Fiction and Fantasy

ENGL 225: Survey of British Literature 1

ENGL 212: Modern British Novel

ENGL 236: US Survey of Literature 2

ENGL 305: Literary Theory and Writing

ENGL 307: Fiction Workshop

ENGL 425: Advanced Writing Seminar

ENGL 339: Shakespeare’s Drama

HUMA 313: Stories of War

ENGL 289: Contemporary Fairy Tales

ENGL 489: Charles Dickens Seminar